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The Downtown Plan for Manchester 

The Downtown Plan for Manchester was a planning and analysis effort to determine what is great about the town and how that greatness can be amplified to benefit the community. Through extensive inventory and community engagement, the intern cohort were able to identify zones in the downtown where investments would have the greatest impact. This led to the creation of maps highlighting the primary, secondary and tertiary areas of downtown where investments are recommended to be focused. The ultimate goal of this project was to help our clients, Downtown Proud, a consortium of local leaders, non-profits and elected officials, prioritize it’s efforts and investments to improve the downtown. While not every suggestion or finding in this plan was immediately popular, the extensive engagement and inventory/analysis process painted a clear path to each recommendation and provided Manchester with a path forward that they would not have otherwise been able to afford.

The full, adopted plan can be found on a PDF via the link below. 

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